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It then attempts to hit her, but misses as Unknown ducks.

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Whether this is canon in the main series story has yet to be confirmed.

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She is the main villain of the Tekken Tag Tournament games, having made her debut as the final boss in the original Tekken Tag Tournament and returning for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 , where she once again served as the final boss.

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Unknown and the wolf-like creature that possesses her aren't actually a tag team per se, as one cannot be switched out for the other.

Description: However, Unknown does not seem to be entirely evil or devoid of emotion, as she is still shown to be protective and caring of Jin in Ogre's Tekken Tag Tournament ending, implying that some of the kind nature of Jun is able to overcome the dark powers that control her. Unknown also appears in Ogre's Tekken Tag Tournament ending.


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